Jade Massage Roller


Experience Botox in a roller! These Jade rollers can be massaged over the face, feet, legs, arms and breast areas.

For centuries Jade Rollers have been used in China as a daily routine to maintain a youthful complexion. Jade roller therapy is calming and soothing and helps to work out toxins through the lymphatic drainage system.

The crystal properties of Jade react well with the skin by balancing emotions, releasing negativity and harmonising body and mind. Jade is cool by nature and rolling it on the face and neck helps to close pores and tighten the skin providing a natural face lift. Used around the eyes, puffiness, dark circles and fine lines are greatly reduced.

Using rollers on the face :


Start in the center of the forehead and roll firmly, yet gently, outward 3-4 times. Go back to the center of the forehead and roll in the opposite direction 3-4 times. Use the same technique on the cheeks and jaw line.

The Jade Massage Tool can also be used in smoothing motions along the neck.

Use the smaller end to improve lymphatic drainage around the eyes helping with dark circles and puffiness. Press lightly in the inner corner of the eye and roll outward to reduce puffiness.

How to care for our rollers :

Handle with care. Use only light pressure. The rollers may be heated or chilled as desired. To clean the rollers, wash them with water and soap, rinse well and pat dry.


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